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Diamond J Custom Farming & Dairy

Merced, CA

Dairy Cares (August 2019):

Feed is key to sustainability, and California leads the world

Click on photo for story.

AgNet West (May 2019):

Tricolored Blackbirds Part of Dairy’s Conservation Story

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National Resources Conservation Service (May 2019):

California Dairy Family Provides Habitat for 25,000 Imperiled Birds

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Krone (January 2018):

Our thank you to North American Dairy Farmers!

Our sincere thank you to all North American Dairy Farmers! We appreciate everything you do, for all of us!

TrekkerWeb (May 2017):

Internationally recognized for serving our customers and doing what we love!

Progressive Forage(March 2010):

A Custom Harvester and his big box.

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